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Mario Salimon is a Brazilian journalist, consultant, researcher, awarded filmmaker and musician. Salimon started as a reporter and art critic but later consolidated his career as an international consultant, having worked for relevant brands such as UNICEF, UNESCO, IICA, UNDCP, AVINA Foundation and the Brazilian Public Communication Company – EBC.

His work in organizations focuses on improving communication, strategy, marketing and management. Mário has a master’s degree in organizational management and is at the final stage of a doctoral program in the same field, researching managerialism and subjectivity in international development agencies. He occasionally teaches post graduation courses in marketing and communication strategy.

Mario has also written and published two books and produced over a dozen documentaries, one of them being awarded “best long feature” at one of Brazil’s most important festivals. Salimon is also regarded as one of the foremost Jazz and Blues singers from the Brazilian capital, where he lives with his wife and three children.


Areas of competence

  • Communications (public, corporate and development-oriented)
  • Management (knowledge, organizational, strategic and project)
  • Strategic planning
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Musical composition and production
  • Moviemaking



  • 2016 – Doctor’s degree in Organizational Management from the University of Brasilia (thesis finished, to be defended April, 2016);
  • 2011 – Master’s degree in Organizational Management from the University of Brasilia;
  • 2009 – Project Team Leadership: Building Commitment Through Superior Communication – American Management Association, New York, USA;
  • 2007 – Managers Training Program at Fundação Dom Cabral, Belo Horizonte, Brazil;
  • 2006 – Strategic Management with Balanced Scorecard (Symnetics/BSC Collaborative) in house, IICA Brazil;
  • 1996 – Formulation, Evaluation and Monitoring of Public Policies (CEPAL/UNICEF) in house, UNICEF and
  • 1989 – Bachelor’s degree in Communication, with specialization in Journalism (University of Brasília).


Professional skills

  • Multi-disciplinary training and experience, with an emphasis on social development and the third sector.
  • Solid curriculum at coordination-level posts in the three sectors, including an international post, and remote-managing multilingual teams via tele-collaboration tools.
  • Proficient in the use of theoretical and practical consultancy tools for sociotechnical systems.
  • Proficient in the strategic application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).
  • Proficient in English, fluent in Spanish and with working knowledge of French.
  • Relevant teaching experience in post graduation courses, peer-to-peer and inter-organizational training.
  • More than 2000 pages published, including books, articles and Internet posts.


Professional experience

April 2014 to February 2015
Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC) – Executive Superintendent for Communications and Marketing

In this high profile, politically indicated position in the Brazilian Public Broadcasting system, I managed a team of some 30 media and marketing professionals, with a budget of US$2 million/year. My two short-term missions, both achieved, were to boost managerial culture within the office while coordinating the organization of the 23rd Public Broadcasters International (PBI) annual meeting.

Three initiatives generated improvements in managerial culture. First, we conducted a series of workshops for the dissemination and practical application of concepts related to strategy management. As an outcome, we engaged in the interactive construction of a strategic map, a master plan and charters for the resulting projects. Second, we formed and trained an ad hoc group so as to adopt business process design as a common managerial tool. Finally, we took the workshops as an opportunity to spot promising young professionals, to whom we ministered special training and personal coaching. We were glad to find that those people later played a prominent role in the company’s Balance Scorecard implementation.

PBI 2014 was a memorable gathering in Rio de Janeiro, a first of its kind in Latin America. 119 public television executives from 19 countries attended three days of panels, debates and cultural events, sharing their experience and views on public communication. Among them were key players such as BBC, NHK, PBS, TVE and KBS. The event was very successful, in spite of its various challenges, which ranged from governmental red tape to logistical difficulties such as hotel shortages due to the World Cup and negotiations in four different languages.


March 2013 to April 2014
Representation of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture in Brazil – Communications and Knowledge Management Coordinator

This long-term consultancy contract aimed at the restructuring of the office´s communication team, as well as its strategy. In the course of a year, the proponent selected and hired a team comprising of a journalist and two interns; trained them and revised processes related to the production and dissemination of media content. With this team, the office saw an increase in video production, the design and release of a new web site and the publication of two articles in relevant newspapers, among other achievements.

It would important to note that the new web site’s project was disruptive and required extensive technical and political negotiation, given the fact that it challenged Headquarters’ existing manuals. My silver bullet was the use of universal design principles to prove that the existing guidelines were outdated and no longer fit as an acceptable platform. As result, the Director General has granted us permission to launch the new site, defining it as a desirable parameter for future organization-wide web site projects.

Other duties included:

  • planning and coordination of staff in media relations;
  • revision of long term strategy;
  • production of annual operational plan;
  • monitoring of plan’s execution and
  • liaison with communication staff in HQ.


September 2008 to May 2010
Fundación AVINA – Communications Manager

My work at the AVINA Foundation involved a steep learning curve in terms of management under pressure, in a virtual environment and facing adverse conditions. During this time, I provided support to the directors in the restructuring process then promoted in the organization, which involved cutting budgets and personnel, virtualization and radical changes in the operations framework.

It was vital – even after losing one third of the communications team to downsizing– to make rapid ad hoc investments in internal communication channels and products so as to dispel doubts, bring anxieties into the open, and provide a consistent discourse reflecting the Foundation’s new managerial model.

During this same period, I coordinated several complex projects. We reworked AVINA’s visual identity, designed and launched a new intranet and trained the communications team, as well as several of the Foundations’ sub-units, in strategy management. We also set up a production nucleus for multimedia content, training the team in copy writing, photography and video, so as to bring them up to date. It’s important to note that, at the time, social media platforms were becoming popular and disrupting historic PR techniques.

Another highlight in the period was the coordination of the biannual edition of the Avina Grants for Investigative Journalism. The program mobilized 1,700 journalists from 35 countries, of which 110 were granted a total of half a million dollars for the production of contents that reached an estimated audience of 70 million people worldwide.

In spite of the complexity, I coordinated the projects and processes from my home office. The trilingual team under my guidance was made up of five communication professionals and one administrator, all of them also based in their homes in five different countries. Conversations were mostly held in Spanish or English, given the fact that Portuguese was not regularly taught in the other countries.

Routine activities included:

  • coordinating with the CSO, CEO and other directives;
  • formulating and carrying out communication strategies and policies;
  • conducting relations with the media, NGOs and government;
  • operating communication protocols for risk and crisis management;
  • coordinating the Investigative Journalism Grants program;
  • managing press release production and distribution and
  • formulating tactics for branding and public relations.


January 2005 to September 2008
Representation of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture in Brazil – Communications and Knowledge Management Coordinator

My first collaboration with IICA was marked by a series of successful projects, starting with the establishment of the office’s communications nucleus. The work was done via interactive design of a communications and knowledge management model comprised of concepts, processes and indicators.

We also created conditions for the generation of multimedia content, with training in text production, photography and video. Production more than doubled for three years, until it reached a steady state. Headquarters later recognized our office for its pioneering efforts and for its conceptual and empirical contributions in the fields of communication and knowledge management. As a result, we launched and maintained a monthly electronic magazine, a podcast and regular distribution of news and press releases.

Our work in terms of communication models was also relevant in the creation and development of the Forum for Rural Sustainable Development, coordinated between IICA, several NGOs and governmental agencies.

Considering the situation analysis report done by the communications consultancy I delivered, the Representative entrusted me with the coordination of the office’s strategic planning activities. The result was a process that fine-tuned internal articulation and culminated with the adoption of the Balanced Scorecard as a tool for strategy management.

Routine activities included:

  • formulating and carrying out communications policies;
  • conducting relations with the media, NGOs and government;
  • support for development of business process design activities;
  • designing and coordinating strategic planning activities;
  • coordinating the process of formulating the office’s management model;
  • member of IICA’s knowledge management steering committee;
  • member of the strategic management leadership team and
  • designing and running training workshops in audiovisual skills and strategic planning.


March 1998 to January 2003
Comunidade Solidária Council/IADB/UNESCO – Communications Coordinator

Comunidade Solidária (CCS) was one of the most important Brazilian programs dedicated to sustainable development, not only because of the results it achieved, but also thanks to the new concepts and legislation it provided for the third sector.

Documentário sobre os programas do Conselho da Comunidade Solidária from Mario Salimon on Vimeo.

I coordinated the Communication Nucleus for five years; this was a team of journalists, IT staff and secretarial support. Our mission was to maintain coherence in the output from CCS’s many programs, constantly updating our advisors both technically and in terms of content. I also implemented several processes that were considered pioneering at the time, including the production and publication of content in non-conventional digital formats. I also worked as press relations advisor to the President of the CCS, renown anthropologist Ruth Cardoso, who was Brazil’s First Lady at the time. Routine activities included:

    • formulating and carrying out policies for communications and the use of ICTs;


  • conducting relations with the media, NGOs and government;



  • managing production and distribution of publications;



  • web mastering and



  • developing knowledge management systems.



  January 1995 to December 1996 UNICEF – Assistant Information Officer Unicef was a very important professional experience for me and the place where I learned the most about PR and social mobilization. I was there when the internet became a feasible communication medium and coordinated the production of the office’s very first website, electronic bulletins and newsletters. I was also in charge of media relations and the production and distribution of publications, including Unicef’s flagship report, State of the World’s Children. During my stay with them, I received solid training in the design, monitoring and evaluation of social policies. This was a formative period in my career and later I decided to specialize in  strategic management and planning, a decision that has been critical in my professional development, broadening the scope of my performance. December 1989 to January 1991 Correio Braziliense (Brasilia’s main daily paper) – Reporter This was my first job in the press. I started writing pieces about TV programs and later was granted the opportunity to cover other cultural areas, conquering enough attention to become a renown art critic. I produced several covers for the cultural session and had the chance to interview prominent artists in music, literature, theatre and plastic arts, such as Tim Maia, David Bowie, João Câmara, Dias Gomes and Paulo Coelho, amongst others. I later worked for  two other newspapers and accepted short term challenges in radio and television production before moving into my career in communication management.   Short-term consultancies 2013 – Coordination of the first international congress of Public Policy Specialists and Public Managers, organized in Brasília by the National Association of Public Policy Specialists and Public Managers – ANESP. 2012 – Development and management of marketing strategy for IICA Brasil’s Congresso Rio Vinte, a virtual platform for the discussion of proposals to be taken to Rio+20 Conference. The project was fostered by a partnership between IICA and the Brazilian Ministry of Agrarian Development. 2012 – Facilitation of Participatory Strategic Planning for the National Association of Public Policy Specialists and Public Managers – ANESP. 2011 – Facilitation of Participatory Strategic Planning for INSA – National Institute for the Semi-arid. 2011 – Ad hoc assessment of IICA Brazil’s Communication processes and development of long term Communication Strategy Managemement constructs. 2007/2008 – Ministry for National Integration, virtual office coordinator for the production of institutional materials (magazine, newsletter, video, handbook) for the National Policy for Regional Development. 2008 – SENAVE/Paraguay (Servicio Nacional de Calidad y Sanidad Vegetal y de Semillas) Running a workshop on strategic formulation based on the Balanced Scorecard. 2003 – Ministry for Agrarian Development/Secretariat for Family-based Agriculture – running a planning workshop for partners of the Federal Government’s Conviver program. 2003 – Programa Alfabetização Solidária (Literacy Solidarity Program) – formulating communications policy and carrying out a systematic overhaul of the communications, information and IT resources. March to July 2003 – Development Gateway Foundation/World Bank – design and execution of the Brazilian Development Gateway prototype. 2002 – Agência de Educação para o Desenvolvimento – evaluating and restructuring models for virtual publications and customer relations management. 2002 – Ministry of Social Security and Pensions – retraining of 60 staff from regional communications departments with an emphasis on ICTs. June 2002 – Agência de Educação para o Desenvolvimento (Development Education Agency) – member of the Rede de Criação think-tank, responsible for the ICT area. 2001 – SERPRO (Brazil’s Federal Data Processing Service) – formulation of the communications policy and manual. 1994 – TV Nacional/ Segundas de Ouro Program – rebranding, art direction, editing and scripting   Main Publications Ideologia Gerencialista e Subjetividade do Trabalhador no Terceiro Setor/Managerialist Ideology and Subjectivity of Workers in the Third Sector (University of Brasília, 2011 – dissertation) Escola Brasil – o rádio a serviço da educação  (FTD,2001 – book) Os Xavante na balança das civilizações/The Xavante weighed in the balance of civilizations (UNICEF, 1999 – book)

A Segunda Década/The Second Decade (UNICEF/Ministry of Health, 1999 – book)


Highlighted Presentations

2015 – Brazilian Endowment for the Arts, New York, USA – Superquadras: história, contexto presente e perspectivas para o futuro do adensamento urbano.

2014 – Televisión Digital y Participación Ciudadana, Medellín, Colombia – Escenarios Digitales en Iberoamérica: Marcos Reguladores

2012 – Universidade do Porto, Cidade do Porto, Portugal – Ideologia gerencialista e subjetividade do trabalhador no Terceiro Setor.

2012 – École Superieur du Commerce, Paris, France – Managerialism and worker subjectivity in the environmentalist Brazilian third sector.

Managerialism and worker subjectivity in the Brazilian environmentalist third sector from Mario Salimon on Vimeo.

2011 – National Seminar on Knowledge Management in Semi-arid Zones of the Brazilian Northeast, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil – Knowledge management and sustainable development: opportunities and challenges for contemporary organizations.

Palestra de Mário Salimon sobre Gestão do Conhecimento em Zonas Semiáridas from Mario Salimon on Vimeo.

2007- Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Ciudad de México, México – Gestão do Conhecimento na Representação do IICA no Brasil.


Documentary production

2006 – Gilbués


2011 – I seem to exist – www.hierarquia.org

2013 – Hierarchy: conversations after the end of a world

2014 – Superblocks


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